The driving test, including the driving theory test and hazard perception test, exists primarily as a road safety measure. It is designed to ensure all new drivers can drive safely and unaccompanied.

Although many find selecting a UK driving school & learning to drive daunting at first, with the correct preparation and driver training there is no reason why the freedom of a full UK driving license can't be attainable to all.

Yes the driving test, including the driving theory test and hazard perception test, is detailed and in-depth. This leads some to conclude that its real aim is to fleece those taking the driving test out of their hard earned cash. However, the facts are stark!

Every year 1,000 people die in road traffic accidents involving a young driver, hence the high cost of young driver car insurance in the UK. Research shows that it takes two years from passing the driving test before a new driver's accident liability falls by less than 50%.

Under the New Drivers Act of 1997 newly qualified drivers who receive six or more penalty points on their driving licence within two years of passing their practical driving test will have their licence revoked. To get their licence back they have to first reapply for a provisional licence, meaning that they have to drive as a learner driver until they pass both the driving theory test and practical driving test.

So be warned. The more driving practice you receive (with driving school, family or friend) the better. Driving is a skill that must be learned. Yes some people have a greater aptitude for driving than others but all learner drivers will benefit from professional driving tuition. Driving on UK roads is not an automatic right of citizenship but a privilege.

Get in as much driving practice as possible. (with driving school or family) Experience as many driving situations as you can. Drive at night, in the country and in town, on dual carriageways and in all weather conditions. This will not only help you pass the practical test but also the driving theory test and hazard perception test. Driving variety and depth should be your main objectives. This level of driving preparation and direction will not only increase your chances of passing the practical / theory tests first time but also, in the long run, save you money.